Web Design Concepts

To give you an idea of the kind of website I develop, I have created a sample using the new website development approach called “narrative business websites.”

The idea behind this new design concept is that although “above the fold” calls to action are still important, your target audience will scroll almost indefinately to discover the story behind your product or service.

Websites that employ this strategy communicate clearly with few words, provide attractive calls to action, and leverage imagery to help tell your story.

An anaysis of your business will help determine the size and complexity of your site based on the functions you need to have incorporated.

Keep in mind that current websites must also present a consistent brand identity, and be be responsive for mobile and tablet devices.

Industry Examples

Each business has unique needs based on the products, services, and business processes embodied by the website. However, you can get started with website ideas by generalizing the needs in each industry and niche, and then brainstorming your specific business requirements from there.

Here is one example of a niche website concept, which you would use as a jumping-off point for your own ideas. Click to view the demo.

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